Audit Committee

Audit Committee

The principal tasks of the Audit Committee include regularly convening to assist and advise the board of directors with respect to the monitoring of the financial reporting by the Company and its subsidiaries, the monitoring of the effectiveness of the systems for internal control and risk management of the Company, monitoring of the internal audit and its effectiveness, monitoring of the statutory audit of the annual accounts and the consolidated accounts including follow-up on questions and recommendations of the statutory auditor and assessment and monitoring of the independent character of the statutory auditor, taking into account the delivering of additional services to the Company. The Audit Committee also meets at least annually with the external auditor without the presence of the executive management.

The Audit Committee is composed of three members, including two independent directors of the Company, of whom one is the chairman. All members are non-executive directors. One director is appointed upon nomination of Liberty Global. All members contribute broad experience and skills regarding financial items, which have a positive impact on the committee's operation. This composition conforms to article 526bis §1 of the Belgian Company Code regarding the composition of Audit Committees within listed companies, as introduced in December 2008, and the Corporate Governance Code 2009.

The meetings of the Audit Committee are also attended by Mr. André Sarens in his capacity of observer to the board of directors.

The Company has established a whistleblowing procedure, which has been reviewed by the Audit Committee and approved by the board of directors. This procedure allows employees of the Company to report improper conduct such as improprieties in accounting, internal control or audit matters or violations of the Code of Conduct or any applicable company policy. Complaints can be reported in confidence via a telephone line or a reporting website and employees can remain anonymous if requested. Complaints received through the telephone line or reporting website are handled by the Compliance team in consultation with the chairman of the Audit Committee.

The chairman of the Audit Committee reports on the matters discussed in the Audit Committee to the board of directors after each meeting and presents the recommendations of the Audit Committee to the board of directors for decision-making.

Jo Van Biesbroeck Christiane Franck Severina Pascu
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