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Shareholder structure

Shareholder structure

The current shareholder structure as of 21 September 2023 is the following:

Shareholders Outstanding shares Percentage
Liberty Global Group 1 104,552,322 93.26%
Treasury Shares2 3,362,370 3.00%
Public 3 4,195,308 3.74%
TOTAL4 112,110,000 100.00%

1. Including 94,827 Liquidation Dispreference Shares
2. In accordance with Belgian Corporate law, the voting rights attached to treasury shares are suspended and any dividend rights on such shares (if applicable) are cancelled while they remain in the Company's possession. Consequently, the Company’s share count, adjusted to reflect the full suspension of voting rights and cancellation of dividend rights on these treasury shares, totals 108,747,630 at the date mentioned above.
3. Including 16 Liquidation Dispreference Shares held by Interkabel Vlaanderen CVBA and 30 golden Shares held by the financing intermunicipalities
4. Including the cancellation of (i) 1,881,040 treasury shares on April 24, 2019, (ii) 1,178,498 treasury shares on December 4, 2019 and (iii) 814,966 treasury shares on April 30, 2020, (iv) 1,100,000 treasury shares on April 27, 2022 and (v) 631,819 treasury shares on December 6, 2022 as approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting.

The shareholders structure above reflects the share register of Telenet Group Holding NV, all transparency declarations received by the Company, as well as the latest notification of each relevant shareholder as notified to the Financial Services & Markets Authority (FSMA) pursuant to Article 12 of the Royal Decree of April 27, 2007 on public takeover bids in light of the LGI Offer. The latter notifications can be consulted on the FSMA’s website ( .