Remuneration & Nomination Committee

Remuneration & Nomination Committee

The principal tasks of the Remuneration & Nomination Committee include formulating proposals to the board of directors with respect to the remuneration policy of non-executive directors and executive management (and the resulting proposals to be presented by the board of directors to the shareholders), the individual remuneration and severance pay of directors and executive management, including variable remuneration and long term performance bonuses, whether or not related to shares, in the form of stock options or other financial instruments (and the resulting proposals to be presented by the board of directors to the shareholders where applicable), the hiring and retention policy, the nomination of the CEO, assisting the CEO with the appointment and succession planning of executive management, the preparation of the remuneration report to be included in the corporate governance statement by the board of directors and the presentation of this remuneration report at the annual general shareholders' meeting.

Furthermore, the Remuneration & Nomination Committee's tasks include designing an objective and professional (re-) appointment procedure for directors, the periodic evaluation of the scope and composition of the board of directors, searching for potential directors and submitting their applications to the board of directors and making recommendations with respect to candidate-directors.

The Committee is composed exclusively of non-executive directors and has three members. Two members are independent directors of the Company. The chairman of the board of directors also serves as chairman of the Remuneration & Nomination Committee. The members of the Committee have ample experience in remuneration matters, amongst other things because they have taken up senior executive roles in large companies in other stages of their careers.

De voorzitter van het Remuneratie- en Nominatiecomité rapporteert over de aangelegenheden die in het Comité besproken worden na de vergadering aan de raad van bestuur en stelt de aanbevelingen van het Remuneratie- en Nominatiecomité voor aan de raad van bestuur voor besluitvorming.

Bert De Graeve Jo Van Biesbroeck Charles Bracken
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  • Chair
  • Financial Expert
  • Independent Director