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Biography PhotoJeroen Bronselaer
Senior Vice President Residential Marketing (°1978)

Jeroen Bronselaer joined the Telenet Group in September 2010 and was at first responsible for the negotiations and relations with broadcasters and content suppliers. Later he took on broader roles managing Telenet’s premium sport and movie channels and was named Vice President Product Entertainment, responsible for the entire entertainment product portfolio of Telenet. In September 2015, Jeroen joined the Senior Leadership Team as Senior Vice President Residential Marketing. Prior to joining the Telenet Group, Jeroen Bronselaer worked at the Flemish public broadcaster VRT, where he started out as a TV producer but quickly evolved into more business driven roles within the Media department of VRT. Jeroen Bronselaer holds a Master degree as Commercial Engineer and Post-graduate degree in Communication from the KU Leuven.